transforming today

for a stronger future

We help your organisation define and manage change, allowing you to take intelligent action and build a stronger future.

Our clients see us as a catalyst. We move quickly and effectively to understand challenges, improve ways of working and deliver business advantage through practical plans. We bring innovation, insight, creativity and resilience to all we do.

Over the past 18 years, we have established ourselves as specialists in change management and complex delivery, predominantly in defence and government. In 2021 we were acquired by KBR, allowing us to combine our skilled people, proprietary tools and agility with the power and reach of a global business. Today’s Harmonic represents the best of its forebears: responsive, highly skilled, innovative and transformative.

Transforming the UK for business success

Our unique combination of business winning, systems and delivery expertise enables us to act as a transformational growth partner for our clients. By shining a light on people, processes and technology, we help businesses improve ways of working, manage change and achieve the best possible outcomes in business winning and project delivery.


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Our five key principles

Business advantage

Our focus is entirely driven by our clients’ outcomes. We move quickly and effectively to understand the challenge and deliver critical business advantage through practical improvement plans.

Improving ways of working

We provide deep professional and technical insights based on practical experience, embedded in our unique specialist tools, techniques and approaches.

Integrated teams

We go the extra mile to understand our client’s culture and values and work alongside their teams rather than replace them.

Openness and transparency

We commit to maintaining an open and transparent relationship, positively and constructively addressing challenges as soon as they arise.

Professional behaviours

We observe the utmost professionalism at all times and support our clients in achieving their goals.